Knight Safe & Lock
Gig Harbor's Locksmith
Locksmith in Gig Harbor WA
Keys Made * Locking Solutions * Safes Opened & Repaired * Access Control * CCTV

 Residential * Commercial * Automotive * Marine * Aircraft

Licensed * Bonded* Insured

Professional Locking Solutions from an Experienced Locksmith in Gig Harbor, WA

Gig Harbor's Locksmith

Knight Safe & Lock is a MOBILE Locksmith Company located in Gig Harbor Washington. We pride ourselves in providing Professional Locking Solutions to our customers in the greater Gig Harbor & Key Peninsula area. Established in 1995 we strive for perfection in the security field.
Be aware that there are a lot of other businesses that say they are in Gig Harbor, or mislead people by using a Gig Harbor phone number and adding a surcharge to come to Gig Harbor.

Serving Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Lakebay, Allyn, Belfair, North Tacoma, Fox Island and all points in between.
Established in 1995. Locksmith Gig Harbor and Gig Harbor's Locksmith copyright protected.

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